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Engine developer dreammaster, csnover, dafioram
Companies that used it The Digital Village
Games that use it Starship Titanic
Date added to ScummVM July 31, 2016
First release containing it not yet


  • Work in Progress.

Original Bugfixes

  • Various bugs with items left hanging on-screen if used on the wrong objects have been fixed
  • Various other stability fixes

New Functionality

  • Supported added for the mouse wheel to scroll through the inventory, remote icons, conversation log, etc.
  • Support for directional arrow keys to move the player in-game. Note: the Down arrow will only work when a view explicitly has a "back" cursor available.
  • Extra save slots available via the ScummVM GMM

German Version

The current engine only has partial support for the German version, and it's definitely not completable. I'm unsure whether or not it will be worked on further. But as far as functionality goes:

  • It at least starts up correctly; unsurprising, since it shares a lot of the underlying code with the English version
  • The titanic.dat datafile already has all the necessary German strings already translated
  • There are some minor differences in the text parser which I think are all being handled, but the game's not playable to the point I can test it out.
  • It's looks like there are many differences in the NPC Script class's process methods. Likely the German version would need to have it's own set of script classes that derive from the English classes and reimplement one of more of the methods as necessary.
  • Likewise, the German version has a translation tab in the PET, which I think is properly implemented.
  • There are several game objects which have extra fields in the German version. I've at least implemented saving and loading of the fields so that the game can at least start up. But all of it would need to be checking in a disassembly of the German executable to see what extra logic, if any, is associated with the fields.
  • seemingly in a fit of madness, the German translators changed the filenames associated with all the various sound effects, voice, and music throughout the game. So someone would have to laboriously go through each and every playSound and playGlobalSound call, find the same point in the German executable, and put in an if/then/else for the German filename vs the English filename.

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