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Name Tarek Soliman
Team Member since 2011-09-25
Working on Maemo port, Keymapper
Personal webpage/BLOG -
Email tsoliman (at scummvm org)

tsoliman is the maintainer of the Maemo port.

Things to yell at me about (in no particular order):

  • Unstable game/engine warning
  • Savegame timestamps
  • Keymapper
  • Release optimizations being separate from release mode
  • Detection for talkie MI
  • Maemo port


Things planned to do (in order of priority):

  • keymapper improvements
    • Maemo port keymap
      • Fix GUI coming up when click mode disabled
    • Custom outputs
    • Custom inputs
    • Implement LordHoto's design: Separate Event into HardwareEvent and ActionEvent and separate them into two queues
  • Add "don't ask me again" checkbox on the UNSTABLE warning
  • Add text-separator to popup (dropdown box) widget
    • Add that to the keymapper keymap popup
  • buildbot support for maemo
  • add midi support for talkie Monkey Island

Wish list

  • N800 and N900 tablets so I can properly support them


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