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Groovie/T7G/FNT FilesGroovie/T7G/FNT Files

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Revision as of 23:02, 20 November 2008 by Spookypeanut (Talk | contribs) (Groovie/T7G/Font Format moved to Groovie/T7G/FNT Files)

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The format of Groovie engine FNT files

Description of the format of *.fnt files (sphinx.fnt from T7G). For a fuller description, see the source code. These are used when typing in the names of the saved games, but maybe somewhere else as well: there are numbers in there, and saved games cannot have numbers in the name.


  • 128 byte header
  • Series of 2 byte offsets for each of character blocks
  • Series of character blocks:
    • 1 byte: width of current character (in pixels)
    • 1 byte: unknown*
    • Palette-based data, one byte per pixel
    • 1 byte: FFh

  • This byte is strange. When copying the data from the data section, the executable counts up to this value, copying each line, then switches to look for the FFh at the end of a row. Nothing else in the loop seems to change, and there is, as far as I can see, never an FFh in the first few rows.


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