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         companies=Thomas & Steffen Dingel|
         companies=Thomas & Steffen Dingel|
         usedBy=[[Mission Supernova]]|
         usedBy=[[Mission Supernova]]|
         dateAdded=Not Yet|
         dateAdded=January 23, 2018|
         release=Not Yet|
         release=Not Yet|

Latest revision as of 16:00, 30 March 2018

Engine developer Joefish, criezy, strangerke
Companies that used it Thomas & Steffen Dingel
Games that use it Mission Supernova
Date added to ScummVM January 23, 2018
First release containing it Not Yet

Some work was done by the GSoC student Joefish during the GSoC 2017 to implement the engine in ScummVM. Work is currently continuing in his fork: supernova engine on GitHub.


The Supernova engine was used in the following games:


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