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Coktel Vision was a French computer game developer that developed a lot of adventure and action games in their homeland in mid-80s (usually as publisher of its better-known subsidiary Tomahawk), none of which was sold outside Europe. Coktel also developed excellent but even lesser known educational games, most starring quirky alien Ali.

The popularity of Coktel Vision skyrocketed in 1992 when it became a subsidiary of Sierra On-Line, which began to sell Coktel Vision's games in the United States.

Following Sierra's buyout by Havas and disappointing sales of its last titles, Coktel Vision only developed educational games that are marketed mostly in Europe.

In 2005, Mindscape purchased Coktel Vision. In 2011 Coktel Vision was closed down, along with all of Mindscape's other gaming divisions, when Mindscape exited the game industry.

The company used a similar engine for many of its games, which is in progress in ScummVM as the Gob module

In addition, various Adibou Games have been developed by Coktel Vision.

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