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Engine developer Denis Kasak, Robert Špalek
Companies that used it NoSense
Games that use it Dragon History
Date added to ScummVM 2009-09-25
First release containing it 1.1.0


Dragon History is now fully supported.

Language variants

There are 4 language variants of the game: Czech, English, German, and Polish. Each of them is distributed in a separate archive. The only official version is the Czech one, and the English, German and Polish ports have always been work in progress and never officially released. Although all texts are fully translated, it is known that some of them contain typos. If you wanna help, you can download the original game scripts, send Robert Špalek their updated versions, and he will recompile the game and upgrade the game files for future downloads.

There exists an optional Czech dubbing for the game. For bandwidth reasons, you can download it separately and then unpack it to the directory of the game. You can listen to the Czech dubbing with all language variants of the game, while reading the subtitles.

All game files and the walkthrough can be downloaded from the Dragon History homepage.

Mouse and keyboard shortcuts

  • left click - walk, explore
  • right click - use, talk
  • move mouse up, i - inventory
  • move mouse down, m - map
  • Escape - skip the intro, exit map/inventory
  • any click - skip the currently dubbed sentence
  • q - quick walking on/off
  • / (slash) - take the last held item from the itinerary/put it back
  • , . (comma, period) - iterate the items in the hands


The addition of the Dragon History engine to ScummVM was a Summer of Code task for GSoC 2009. The work was started by Denis Kasak under the supervision of sev and Robert Špalek (one of the original authors of the game), and then finished by Robert Špalek.