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Phantasmagoria 2 / Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle Of Flesh Censorship

Phantasmagoria 2 was censored in various countries. This page tries to go into detail about it.

Known Versions

Country Release Box Barcode CD-Case Barcode Version State
US First release 020626232883 none ??? FULLY UNCUT
United Kingdom First release 3348542019638 3348542019683 001.0.06 censored heavily (violence)
United Kingdom Sierra Originals Budget 3348542045224 3348542019683 001.0.06 censored heavily (violence)
United Kingdom Additional release? 3348542012257 3348542019690 001.0.000 FULLY UNCUT
Germany First English release 3348542013858 ??? ??? censored heavily (violence)
same as UK release
Germany Second English release 3348542013858 3348542019737 001.0.000 FULLY UNCUT
Germany Localized German release 3348542019652 3348542019737 000.1 .0vú (sic) FULLY UNCUT
one 39 second scene is missing though
Germany Localized German release Sierra Originals ??? ??? ??? ???
France Localized French release 3348542019645 3348542019669 ??? FULLY UNCUT
one 39 second scene is missing though
France Localized French release Sierra Originals 3348542033368 3348542019669 ??? FULLY UNCUT
one 39 second scene is missing though
Spain Localized Spanish release 3348542012257 ??? ??? FULLY UNCUT
Spain Localized Spanish release Sierra Originals 3348542012257 ??? ??? unknown
Australia First release ??? ??? ??? censored heavily
Japan First release 4512756000570 ??? 001.0.000 FULLY UNCUT
English audio w/ Japanese subtitles
GOG Digital release none none 001.0.06 FULLY UNCUT

Note: all sorts of sites claim, that Phantasmagoria 2 released in UK was censored in terms of sex scenes too. This simply is not the case. The censored scenes are first and second murder scenes only. Those were censored heavily in terms of violence though.

Second note: the uncut UK version seems to be Windows-only. The censored UK version is Windows+DOS.

United States: uncensored release


United Kingdom: CENSORED release


United Kingdom: uncensored release



Note: the uncensored release has "Windows 95" on the box. The censored release has "Windows 95/DOS 5.0" on the box.

Germany: CENSORED first English release


Germany: uncensored second English release


Germany: uncensored localized release


Spain: ??? localized release Sierra Originals


Japan: uncensored release (ファンタズム2)


more photos, click here.

Game was fully localized except for audio, which is English. Text in background pictures was changed to Japanese.
videos have Japanese subtitles.

Relevant Files

Even the uncensored game offers an option to remove/change certain scenes. When this option is enabled, different files are used. This here is a list of the relevant files. It also includes special versions of some files - for example the UK version does not contain some uncut files at all and it was censored even more than the original optionally censored file.

CD file name length size content
CD1 1630.DUK 2:32 21.125.528 sex scene uncensored
CD1 1631.DUK 1:03 7.726.132 sex scene censored
CD2 4391.DUK 1:26 15.010.384 murder scene uncensored
CD2 4395.DUK 1:19 13.192.516 murder scene censored
CD2 4391.DUK 1:17 13.176.836 murder scene censored (special UK edit / cut)
CD2 4395.DUK 1:17 13.176.836 murder scene censored (special UK edit / cut)
CD2 5810.DUK 1:45 14.547.758 eyeball scene flashback uncensored
CD2 5750.DUK 1:42 13.003.982 eyeball scene flashback censored
CD2 7960.DUK 2:41 29.121.410 sex scene uncensored
CD2 7965.DUK 2:05 21.744.468 sex scene censored
CD4 8215.DUK 3:04 31.253.514 second murder - sex + violence uncensored
CD4 8216.DUK 2:12 22.436.660 second murder - sex + violence censored
CD4 8215.DUK 2:39 26.685.966 second murder - sex uncensored, violence heavily censored (special UK edit / cut)
CD4 8216.DUK 2:10 22.183.250 second murder - sex + violence censored (special UK edit / cut)
CD5 4986.DUK 0:14 2.496.812 violence uncensored
CD5 4987.DUK 0:14 2.476.592 violence censored

Censorship differences - uncensored vs. UK censored version

This goes into detail about the changes made to the UK censored version.

scene details
4391.DUK - murder scene got replaced by 4395.DUK, an even more heavily censored version than the original censored version included with the uncensored game
4395.DUK - murder scene based on the censored version included with the uncensored game
this goes even further and removes basically all the remains of violence

0:27 to 0:29 - original: victim gets punched in the face (bloody), replaced by more of Curtis walking forward in slow-motion
0:34 to 0:35 - original: victim gets nail hammered into one of his hands, also replaced by more of Curtis walking forward in slow-motion
0:41 - original: black+white photo flashback showing nail in victim's hand, this was cut out

you still see that the victim is thrown around and 2 photo flashbacks, but that's it.

to see the censored version, click here
8215.DUK - second murder sex part is completely intact
2:30 onwards
basically the whole murder part of the scene got removed right after the woman spots the murderer
you see that an iron chain is getting thrown over some pipes at the ceiling
followed by an alternate quite long take at 2:35 of her hands being tied up with the iron chain, followed by a fadeout.

to see the censored version, click here
8216.DUK - second murder the censored version is the same except for the murder part again.
In the censored version from the uncensored game, you at least see that the woman got tied up using the iron chain and that her feet are in the air - struggling.
In the UK version even this was replaced with the already mentioned alternate long take of her hands being tied up with the iron chain at 2:06, followed by the same fadeout.

Differences between localized versions

A few changes were made to the localized versions (German + French). Those were not censored, violence and/or gore were not changed. Japanese version features the English videos but simply with Japanese subtitles (encoded into video stream).

CD file name original length new length content
CD1 3920.DUK 0:39 0:13 was: Therese and Curtis meet at water cooler
this scene was replaced with Curtis just getting a drink
This is a copy of 3390.DUK
CD3 4620.DUK 0:34 0:27 Therese attacks Curtis, edited differently
has no dialog at all in the German+French version
less suspenseful

to see the scene from the original English version, click here
to see the scene from the localized versions, click here
CD5 5.DUK 1:40 1:40 The background during the credits is different