The Prince and the Coward/Walkthrough

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At the cemetery talk to the gravedigger and ask him to bring somebody back from the grave. After Arivald appears, talk to him and he'll give you a map before he leaves. Take the spade and dig through four graves to find an immortality elixir, a gem, a dagger and an amulet. The gravedigger comes back and curses the items you've dug up. Click on the map in the inventory and go to town. Talk to the prisoner and choose these dialogues:

  • Right. It is no proof anyway…
  • Your fingers are too rough for a thief…

and you'll be able to go through his pockets to get the keys and dice. Talk to the merchants rolling dice and when they turn around, replace their dice with the loaded ones (it's difficult and you have to wait for the right moment).

After replacing the dice take the book out of their bundle. Talk to the fat merchant and the merchant cooking soup. Go to the wizard (door to the store), talk to him, then talk to the homunculus to obtain it. Give the wizard a book and he'll give you a spell. Go to the inn. A dwarf will stop you there. Enter the inn again, talk to the monk, and try to give the gem to the dwarf, but he won't take it. Go to the temple, use the homunculus on the runes above the altar, and talk to the altar until you guess the word. When the spirit appears make a deal with him - give him the elixir and he'll remove the curse from your items. Go back to the inn, give the gem to the dwarf and talk to Arivald, who'll tell you about the Fjord castle. Go to Fjord; a surprise awaits you there. Go back to Arivald, talk to him, talk to the bartender, give the spell to Arivald and he'll turn you into a bear and you'll appear in the courtyard. When everyone leaves go through the door upstairs and then take the one on the left. Talk to the princess, use the ribbon hanging from the bed and with a kiss, the princess will turn you into a human. Use the skeleton keys on the door on the right. In the treasury use the box on the right, then get three smiley skulls to obtain a mirror.

Go back to the courtyard and use the chain. Go to the Fjord castle, use the mirror on the demon - it won't work. Use the homunculus on the demon and use the mirror on the castle gate. Enter the castle and quickly go through the door on the right. While in the chamber take the talisman and the book, and go through the papers on the table. Go back to the inn and give the book to Arivald. Ask him about the Sun Lord. Use the new piece of paper and go to the Sun Lord. Use the homunculus on the instructions, then read the instructions once again and press these symbols: Enemies of earth: tornado, water, fire. Sun Lord's brothers: star, comet, moon Sun Lord's friends: lightning, star, comet, moon, fire. After pressing the correct symbols press the sun in the centre. When the bridge appears talk to the Sun Lord. Go back to the inn, the bard is sitting on the right - take the scroll out of his pocket. Go to the alley, knock on the door and give the scroll to his wife. When she throws his stuff out take the lute. Go back to the Sun Lord and use the lute on him. Go to the Fjord castle, enter the gate and go straight ahead. Take a look at the sleeping Vampire Prince. Keep looking and talk to the woman imprisoned behind a wall. Back at the inn talk to Arivald and he'll make you travel into the modern times. Go left, to the church, talk to the priest in the following order: praying hands, sprinkling holy water, really tiny, shape of a bottle. You'll receive holy water. Leave and go to the butcher, talk to him a few times - he'll throw an axe at you, go back and pull it out from the door. Outside, give the wolf amulet to the lady standing there and in exchange she'll give you her scarf. Show the scarf to the man selling vegetables on the right and you'll receive garlic. Talk to the woman and give her back her scarf, then enter the butcher's and leave. Go to the hermit. In front of his habitat use the axe twice on the tree to receive two twigs and a handle. In the town when the beggar takes off his shoe take it very quickly.

Go to the poet at the inn and tell him about his wife. When they leave their house enter it, take the bottle from under the mirror and free the nightingale using the lock. Go outside, whistle at the cat and after it eats the nightingale take the nightcap. At the Fjord castle, go to the chamber with the vampire. Use the dagger on the twig and make a crucifix out of the two pieces. Use the garlic and the holy water on the crucifix. Use the crucifix on the vampire. After killing him, take a look at the coffin and read the piece of paper found there. Leave and take the scale found at the gate. In the town go to the alchemist, talk to him and he'll give you a piece of paper. Use the scale on this piece of paper. Go to the hermit, show him the scale and the piece of paper with a dragon on it. Go to the new location - dragon's cave. In the cave spray the spider web with a perfume and quickly use the dagger on the stone placed in the spider web bottom left so it disappears. Try to talk with the dragon. Go back to the inn and talk with the dwarf, then with Arivald. There is another arcade game in Silmanion:

  • take the rock from the ground and throw it into a bird above Arivald,
  • when it's floating, throw the rock into the book,
  • when the book starts to vibrate, again throw a rock into a bird so the book falls down.

Go to the fat merchant and give him a slipper. You will need to get knuckles too. Go to the kurgan. When you're there, quickly click on the entrance until the prince walks next to the monsters and gets inside. Talk to the dead man on the throne: "On my honour I swear to accept the holy mission of yours and use your weapon only in purpose of destroying the evil." Take the knuckles and use them on a lever next to the door. Go to the dragon's den, use the knuckles on the dragon, saying: "Yukkakoppomaki". Talk with the woman. In the inventory use the spell from the piece of paper on the dagger, and after changing the sword, on the girl's chains. Go to the cemetery. Talk with the gravedigger, use the Necromancer's talisman on the gravedigger. Go to the mill, enter the building on the right. See the hole in the floor - if there is a rat inside, try to get in. Use the girl on the hole and when she's there, push her so she falls down. Go to the inn. Use the piece with the fatty spell on the monk and when he's fat, quickly take away his rope.

Go to the mill. Use the rope on the crevice. Use the fatty spell on the dagger and widen the floor crevice with your sword. Use the rope again. You won't be able to hold the woman. Use the axe handle on the visible part of the rope. In the cemetery give the rat to the gravedigger and receive 2 obols. Go to the inn. There is a woman sitting in the bard's place - talk with her. Try to take the mug away from the dwarf. Just when he stands up, quickly use the icon of a girl on the mug. After the 'fight' go back to the inn and take the mug from the girl. Go to the alchemist. You can automatically exchange the amulet for the elixir. Go to Silmanion and from there go to swamps. Use the gait elixir, quickly go left and fill the mug with green swamp water. In the inn give the full mug to the female stranger. Give the mug to the dwarf. Give it to the stranger again and receive a pouch of coins. In front of the inn get the veil and use it on your girl. You'll have to pretend to be a female stranger. In the inn a witch will give you poison. Go to the mill and use obols on the bridge. In hell use the veil elixir, use the spell from the piece of paper on the dagger and attack the devil with a sword. Go through the first door in the chamber. Once inside, talk with the devil and tell him you were collecting taxes - you'll be transferred to the VIP room. While you're there, constantly try to take the haunch from the table so you can take it with you teleporting back. When you're back, hit the devil with the haunch. Pull him to the triangle and blow out the black candle. Take the horns and get out. Go right. By the next door talk with the woman through bars. Go right to the alcove - talk with two devils. When you get out, go right until you're next to the tap. Pull the valve, use the horn on the valve and push the valve. The explosion will open doors to the torture room. Take the piece of horn from the floor and get inside the torture room. Once inside, go left and take all red clothing from the effigy. Use the clothing on the torture rack to stretch it a little. Now go back to the room with a teleportation system and blow out the red candle to visit the room. When you're back, blow out the white candle, use the dagger on the campfire and take a piece of coal. When you're back, use the dagger on the red candle to take it with you. Go to the torture room. On your way heat the candle with the piece of coal so it keeps burning. In the torture room use the ember and then a candle on the campfire under the pot. When the fire appears, use the clothing on the boiling pitch. Use horns on the black clothing. Go near the alcove and put on the clothes. Unfortunately you weren't able to visit Lucifer. Go to the woman's cell and talk with her. While staying with her, use the rock on the right and quickly click X and Y to crumble the rock.

When the rock is crumbled, wait a bit in the next chamber. After the teleportation use the clothes next to the devil's alcove. Visiting Lucifer, use the shortest dialogue lines.


The walkthrough was written by Adam