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webos.png WebOS Port
Latest Released Version 1.7.0
Supported Audio Options MP3, OGG, FLAC, Uncompressed
Additional Webpage(s) None
Maintainer(s) kayahr
Packager(s) kayahr
Forum Port Forum
Status Unmaintained
First Official Version 1.3.0

A port of ScummVM for HP WebOS, the operating system of the Palm Pre.


Installation via App Catalog

An older version of ScummVM is available in the official Palm App Catalog. But because Palm is pretty much dead and the publishing/reviewing mechanism is a pain-in-the-ass, the Palm App Catalog is no longer supported. Please follow the instructions for manual installation instead. In that way you always get the latest and greatest ScummVM version.

Manual installation

  • Download the ScummVM package manually.
  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP file. Inside you will find an IPK file.
  • Install this IPK file on your phone by using the palm-install script from the WebOS SDK or with WebOS Quick Install. You can also copy the file to your phone via USB and then use Preware to install it.

Palm has removed the download pages for the WebOS SDK. The old download page is archived here. The files are also archived here.

Install from source

If you like compiling ScummVM yourself then follow the compiling instructions to build your own package and then install this package manually as described above.


  • Flick two fingers downward for the menu.
  • Flick two fingers upward for the keyboard.
  • Flick two fingers left to emulate the Escape key.
  • Flick two fingers right to toggle between Trackpad Mode.
  • Flick three fingers right to toggle Auto-Drag Mode.
    • When this is on, put a finger on screen and hold still for half a second to start dragging.
    • Whether it's on or off, you can always double-tap and hold to start dragging, just like you would on a computer trackpad.
  • Flick three fingers down to pause and unpause (forgive the spacebar message).
  • Tap with one finger to click normally.
  • Tap a second finger with one already touching the screen for a right-click.
  • Tap a third finger with two already on screen for a middle-click.

Trackpad Mode is what older ScummVM WebOS ports used. This is now OFF by default. When on, you move the finger on the screen, and the mouse pointer moves relative to it -- just like using a laptop trackpad.

When Trackpad Mode is OFF (default) the pointer will move to exactly where you tap, so tapping on an object clicks that object. If you put your finger on the screen and slide it around, you can hover over objects on the screen (useful to see what they are) without risking clicking on them.

Auto-Drag Mode is useful for games like Curse of Monkey Island and Full Throttle that require you to hold down the mouse button to access the possible actions. You can still put your finger on screen and immediately slide it around to hover over things without clicking.