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(Engine was included in version 1.9.0)
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*Hi-Res Adventure #5 - [[Time Zone|タイムゾーン]]
*Hi-Res Adventure #5 - [[Time Zone|タイムゾーン]]
*Hi-Res Adventure #6 - [[The Dark Crystal|ダーククリスタル]]
*Hi-Res Adventure #6 - [[The Dark Crystal|ダーククリスタル]]
== Resources ==
* [[ADL/Disk_Images]]: Supported disk formats

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Engine developer waltervn
Companies that used it Sierra
Games that use it Mystery House
Wizard and the Princess
Mission Asteroid
Cranston Manor
Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
Time Zone
The Dark Crystal
Date added to ScummVM 2016-03-24
First release containing it 1.9.0


ADL stands for "Adventure Development Language". It was created by Ken Williams for the first games created by Sierra (then known as On-Line Systems), the company that he founded with his wife, Roberta Williams.

The games using this engine were known as the Hi-Res Adventure series.

Several of them were included in SCI game collections (the "Roberta Williams Anthology" and "King's Quest Collection Series").

Games using this engine

Japanese names for those games: