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* [[AGI/Fan Games|AGI Fan Games]]: Fan created games using the AGI engine
* [[AGI/Fan Games|AGI Fan Games]]: Fan created games using the AGI engine
[http://www.sqeagz.com/passigar/ PASSIGAR] also has a very good list of almost all known Sierra game versions

== PreAGI ==
== PreAGI ==

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Engine developer Sarien Team, stu, dsymonds, sev,
aquadran, md5, Buddha^, m_kiewitz
Companies that used it Sierra
Games that use it Sierra AGI Games, AGI Fan Games
Date added to ScummVM 2006-05-23
First release containing it 0.10.0


The AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) engine was used by Sierra in their early adventure games.

It was also used in a digital "christmas card" given by Sierra to computer stores in 1986 to demonstrate the capabilities of the computers at the time, as well as the capabilities of the AGI engine. The program was designed to be started in the morning and run throughout the entire Christmas day.

The AGI engine in ScummVM is based on the code of the Sarien project, used with permission.

Games using this engine

The AGI engine was used in the following games:


There were several games that used some parts of this engine, before it was mature enough (see TrollVM):



  • King's Quest 4 - set variable 112 to 4 to not get caught by the gargoyles
  • Leisure Suit Larry 1 - money is stored in variable 90 at least for Apple IIgs
  • Space Quest 1 - buckazoids is stored in variable 124 at least for Apple IIgs

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