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* [[AGI_TODO]]: TODO Page
* [[AGI_TODO]]: TODO Page
* [[AGI Fan Games]]: Fan created games using the AGI engine
* [[AGI Fan Games]]: Fan created games using the AGI engine
* [[AGI Sepcifcations|AGI Specifications]]: AGI Specs 3.0
* [[AGI Specifications]]: AGI Specs 3.0

==External links==
==External links==

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The AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) engine was used by Sierra in their early adventure games. The AGI engine was used in the following games:

It was also used in a digital "christmas card" given by Sierra to computer stores in 1986 to demonstrate the capabilities of the computers at the time, as well as the capabilities of the AGI engine. The program was designed to be started in the morning and run throughout the entire Christmas day.

This module is from the Sarien project, used with permission.


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