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Bugs Found in the Original Games

Black Cauldron

Room 35: Sometimes rocks (or part of rocks) are staying on the screen, at least for PC DOS 2.0


Room 35: After getting hit by a rock, sometimes ego will fall endlessly on the spot, at least for PC DOS 2.0


Manhunter 1

The Hercules font file included with Manhunter 1 for PC (version 1.22) seems to be corrupt. Users can copy the file HGC_FONT over from another game to fix this issue.


Space Quest 1

Room 35: Ulence Flats. Right when arriving after getting through the skimmer minigame, the prompt character ">" is gone

Room 65: Panel code entry. When clicking somewhere with the mouse, the game cursor won't point, where the mouse cursor points. ScummVM AGI behavior is accurate.