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Several games have been made by fans using the AGI engine with the AGI Studio development suite.

The 13th Disciple
2 Player Demo
Abrah, l'orphelin de l'espace
The Adventures of a Crazed Hermit
The Adventures of Elfintard
Agent 0055
Agent 06 vs. The Super Nazi
Agent Quest
AGI Piano
AGI Quest
AGI Tetris
Al Pond - On Holiday
Al Pond - Al Lives Forever
Apocalyptic Quest - Mature content
Band Quest
Beyond the Titanic 2
Boring Man: The Road to Robinland
Boring Man 2
Bob the Farmboy
Brian's Quest
Car Driver
Caitlyn's Destiny
Corby's Murder Mystery
Coco Coq in Grostesteing's base
Date Quest
Date Quest 2
Dave's Quest
DG: The Adventure Game
DG: The AGIMouse Adventure
Disco Nights
Dr. Jummybummy's Space Adventure
Dogs Quest
Ed Ward
Escape from the Desert
Escape from the Salesman
Escape Quest
F@%# Quest
F@%# Quest 2 - Romancing the Bone
Gennadi Tahab Autot: Mission Pack 1 - Kuressaare
Get Outta Space Quest
Go West, Young Hippie
The Gourd of the Beans
The Grateful Dead
Half-Death: Terror at White-Mesa
Hank's Quest: Victim of Society
Hero's Adventure
Hitler's Legacy
Isabella Coq: a present for my dad
Jack and Julia: Vampyr
Jeff's Quest
Jen's Quest
Jiggy Jiggy Uh! Uh!
Jimmy In: The Alien Attack
Joe McMuffin in: "What's Cooking, Doc?"
Journey Of Chef
Justin Quest
King's Quest 2 1/4: Breast Intentions
Lasse Holm: The Quest for Revenge
Lawman for hire
Lefty Goes On Vacation (Not In The Right Place)
Legend of Shay-Larah/PrinseQuest I
The Legend of Zelda: The Fungus of Time
The Legendary Harry Soupsmith
Les Inséparables
Little Pirate
The Long Haired Dude: Encounter Of the 18-th Kind
Lost Eternity
The Lost Planet
Maale Adummim Quest
MD Quest - The Search for Michiel
Monkey Man
Napalm Quest
Naturette II: Daughter of the Moon
Naturette III: Adventure in Treeworld
Naturette IV
The New Adventures of Roger Wilco
Nick's Quest
Open Mic Night
Operation: Recon
Patrick's Quest
President's Quest
Pharaoh Quest
Phil's Quest: The Search for Tolbaga
Pimp Quest
Pinkun Maze
Pirate Quest
Platform Demo
Polyvalente des Neiges
The Professor is Missing
Quest for a Record Deal
Quest for Glory IV: Hero's Adventure
Quest for Home
Quest for Ladies
Ralph's Quest
Residence 44 Quest
The Ruby Cast
Save Santa
Serguei's Destiny
Serguei's Destiny 2
The Shadow Plan
Sliding Tile Game
Solar System Tour
Sorceror's Appraisal
Space Quest - The Lost Chapter
Space Quest 0 - Replicated
Space Trek
Special Delivery
Speeder Bike Challenge
Spell Swords
Star Commander 1
Star Pilot: Bigger Fish
Street Quest
The Tales of Boromir
Tales of the Tiki
Tex McPhilip 1 - Quest for the Papacy
Tex McPhilip 2 - Road to Divinity
Tex McPhilip 3 - A Destiny of Sin
Time Quest
Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed
Tree Walker
Turks' Quest: Heir to the Planet
URI Quest
V - The Graphic Adventure
Voodoo Girl - Queen of the Darned