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The 13th Disciple

The 13th Disciple
First release October 24, 2002
Versions 1.01
Also known as 13th Disciple
Developed by Royal Software
Engine AGI
Support Since ScummVM 0.10.0

The 13th Disciple is a freeware fan-created game that uses Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) engine. The game is a murder mystery, in which the protogonist must uncover the truth behind the disappearance of eight women from a college high school in Boston, Massachusetts.


There was a nasty bug present in version 1.00 in which one had to type "talk to Dean" immediately after one entered the Dean's office, or else the characters would become stuck which led the game to become unplayable.


2 Player Demo

2 Player Demo
First release 2002
Versions 12/05/02
Also known as Two player example game
Developed by Eigen Lenk
Engine AGI
Support Since ScummVM 0.10.0

2 Player Demo is a freeware fan-created demo demonstrates that Sierra's Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) engine can be used for two player games. It is a simple one room demo that contains two playable characters. Player one controls the character on the left side of the room, and player 2 controls the character on the right side of the room.


Player 1 controls
Use the arrow keys (the mouse can usually be used, but not in ScummVM at the moment)
Player 2 controls
Ctrl W - move forward
Ctrl X - move back
Ctrl D - move right
Ctrl A - move left
Ctrl E - move up-right
Ctrl Q - move up-left
Ctrl C - move down-right
Ctrl Z - move down-left
INSERT - Changes input turns.


  • It is playable in ScummVM, however there is a bug in ScummVM wherein the mouse does not control the first player. The demo can still be played since both players can be controlled just fine when using the keyboard.