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AGI Specifications v3.0, 22 May 1999

Lance Ewing, Peter Kelly, Claudio Matsuoka, Stu George

This document is a collection of all the information currently known about the structure and operation of the Adventure Game Interpreter, used in 1984--1989 for a variety of adventure games published by Sierra On-Line such as Space Quest I and II, and Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

   * 1.1 About
   * 1.2 Audience
   * 1.3 Conventions used in this document
   * 1.4 What's still missing
   * 1.5 Change log
   * 1.6 Credits

General AGI overview

AGI internals

The LOGIC language

Formats of the resource files

LOGIC resources

PICTURE resources

VIEW resources

SOUND resources

Other game data

Other information