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Name AGI Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) AGI Engine Team
Subsystem Engine

Main ToDo items

Bugs Also in the Original

In the following you will find a number of bugs which actually already occur when using the original interpreter / .EXE. That is, those errors are bugs in the games themselves, not in ScummVM. Still, we sometimes are able to implement workarounds, meaning ScummVM at times works better than the original ;).

Note that neither of these lists is complete.

Not Fixed

  • AGI GR: Jacobs...err, Jerrod's Ladder. [Bug #3571]
  • AGI: Fan(Caitlyn's Destiny) - Sprite handling flawed. [Bug #3684]
  • AGI: Fan(Agent06) - Costume glitch. [Bug #3689]
  • SQ2: Walking inside walls at Orbital Station's shuttle bay. [Bug #3825]
  • KQ2: Bug when rubbing genie lamp. [Bug #3638]


  • AGI: Fan(Get Outta SQ) - Graphics messed up. [Bug #3697]
  • AGI: Fan(Hobbits) - Game stuck after intro. [Bug #3698]
  • AGI: Fan(Hobbits) - Game logic flawed. [Bug #3699]
  • AGI: Fan(Caitlyn) - Script errors(?) - original game bugs(?). [Bug #3690]


From Sarien Bugs and requests

Not Yet Implemented

  • CGA RGB rendering mode FR #438410
  • Mac monochrome rendering (kinda pointless, we already support Hercules rendering)

Features that'd be nice to have

  • AGI Custom Palette Configuration task has a 50 to 100 USD Bounty on it offered by syke. Note: The project can not guarantee payment on this, speak to syke if wanting to claim.
  • Custom 256-color palette support for fan games using AGI256 or AGI256-2
    • This needs custom palette defining, loading and changing support as AGI256(-2) currently always uses the default 256-color VGA palette
  • Custom picture/view/cel-dependent palettes
    • Example: Darken the backgrounds, lighten the ego and objects.

Completely Wishful Thinking

  • Support for AGI v2.001 + v1 PC-Disk images (The biggest bar to entry is really working out how the executable knows where files 'map' to on disk, the file formats are the same, so it is just working out how the game knows Sector X, head Y, Track D is the start of File Q).


Mickey's Space Adventure

  • Make saving/loading routines endian and alignment safe
  • support for Apple, C64, and TRS-80 versions

Winnie the Pooh

  • Amiga version specifics
    • palette
      • pink should be displayed as orange
    • Amiga interface
      • Compass image
      • inverse text/background colors
      • playground button
      • "greyed-out" buttons
      • cursor
    • sound
  • finish support for C64 version
    • intro pictures
    • palette
    • sound
  • finish support for Apple II version
    • intro pictures
    • palette
    • sound
  • finish moving _vm->_system->updateScreen(); to main loop (this doesn't seem possible with the current code, though)
  • support for Atari version

Troll's Tale

  • sound
  • support for Apple, Atari, and C64 versions

The Gelfling Adventure

  • add support
  • support for Apple and Atari versions
  • did a DOS version actually exist?

Dragon's Keep

  • add support
  • support for Apple, Atari, and C64 versions. DOS version seems to have never existed