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Main ToDo items


  • After console disabling age and name input in LSL1 is not echoed.


  • Save/load management
  • Eliminate list.cpp in favor of our common/list.h
  • Objectify
  • Make CGA mode switchable via --render-mode like other engines
  • Make Hi-res mode switchable. Probably add yet another command line parameter?
  • Make EGA/Amiga palette switchable via --render-mode
  • Better compatibility. NAGI is known to be more stable


GBAGI features

  • Keyboardless input
    • Consider using our GUI for that instead of drawing own widgets

From Sarien Bugs and requests

  • AGI256, Agi256-2 support (which games use them?)
  • Amiga-style menus (?) See this screenshot
  • Hercules mode (?)
  • Mac mono mode (?)
  • Finish Apple IIgs music support
  • PC Speaker music

NAGI features

First thing to consider is that NAGI has X11 license.

  • Hercules fonts (suggestion is at Sarien FR)
  • Generic AGI version detector
  • Check Tandy emulator
  • Apple II palette