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2 Player Demo
AGIWiki 2player1a.png
Project Status: Complete (technical demo)
Release Date: 2002
Author(s): Eigen Lenk
Language: English
Website: N/A

About the Demo

2 Player Demo (also known as Two player example game) is is a simple one room technical demo for AGI that demonstrates the use of two player characters at the same time. Player one controls the character on the left side of the room, and player 2 controls the character on the right side of the room.


AGIWiki 2player1b.png


Player 1 controls
Use the arrow keys or mouse. The mouse is recommended because both players can't easily use the keyboard at the same time.
Player 2 controls
Ctrl W - move forward
Ctrl X - move back
Ctrl D - move right
Ctrl A - move left
Ctrl E - move up-right
Ctrl Q - move up-left
Ctrl C - move down-right
Ctrl Z - move down-left
INSERT - Changes input turns.

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