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Adventure Game Design System (AGDS)
AGIWiki AGDS.png
Developer(s): Alex Simkin, Serge Lapin
Stable release: The Sierra Help Pages
Preview release: N/A
Operating System: DOS
Available in: Russian
Type: IDE
Website: N/A


AGDS (Adventure Game Design System), created by Alex Simkin with help from Serge Lapin, was the first fan-made development suite for AGI. It was created around 1990 or 1991. It uses its own encryption string, making it incompatible with Sierra's games.

See Also

  • AGI Studio, created by Peter Kelly, is the most common AGI IDE.
  • The WinAGI development environment is an alternative to AGI Studio developed by Andrew Korson. It features numerous helpful tools that AGI Studio does not have.