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AGIPAL is a hacked interpreter created by dark minister to allow palette-changing in an AGI game. This provides game authors a way to use colors other than the standard EGA palette in their picture resources.

The AGIPAL hack works by modifying the shake.screen command so that a value of 100-109 is interpreted as the name of a palette file in the game's directory, pal.100 through pal.109. This means that a game can have up to ten different palettes. For other values, the shake.screen command works normally.

Note: the player must have a copy of the hacked interpreter in order for AGIPAL to work properly. If the player attempts to play the game with an unhacked interpreter, any rooms that use the palette functionality will shake the screen 100 or so times.

Commands altered by AGIPAL

  • shake.screen: giving a parameter of 100-109 alters the palette instead of shaking the screen

Games that use AGIPAL

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