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AGI Combat
AGIWiki AGICombat1a.png
Project Status: Complete
Release Date: 2011
Author(s): Klownstein
Language: English

About the Game

AGI Combat is a fan made fighting game that pits characters from the Sierra AGI and SCI games against each other. The characters are Sonny Bonds from the Police Quest series, a troll from the Quest for Glory series, the Manhunter from the Manhunter series, Taran from The Black Cauldron, Roger Wilco from the Space Quest series, Donald Duck from Donald Duck's Playground, the Hero from the Quest for Glory series, Manannan from King's Quest III, Khaveen from Quest for Glory II, King Graham from the Space Quest series, Jarrod from Gold Rush, and Mother Goose from Mixed-Up Mother Goose.


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Walkthroughs / Hints

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