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AGI Mouse is a hacked interpreter created by Brian Provinciano to allow AGI games to use the mouse for a point-and-click interface. To play a game that uses this functionality, the player must have the hacked interpreter files. Alternately, AGI Mouse functionality is supported by NAGI and ScummVM.

The AGI Mouse hack also features support for palette-changing.

Commands altered by AGI Mouse

  • Shake.screen - Values 100 through 109 alter game's palette instead of shaking the screen. Other values shake the screen normally.
  • Push.script (previously known as unknown171) - Retrieves information about what mouse button is currently pressed and where the mouse cursor is at the moment; the original command has been completely removed.

AGI Mouse defines

v27	Button pressed (0=none, 1=left, 2=right, 3=middle)
v28     The X position of the mouse
v29     The Y position of the mouse

* AGI Mouse 1.0 defines
#define mouse_button v27 // The mouse button pressed
#define mouse_x      v28 // Pixels from the left of the screen
#define mouse_y      v29 // Pixels from the top of the screen

#define mb_up        0   // Mouse button is up (not pressed)
#define Mb_left      1   // Left mouse button
#define Mb_right     2   // Right mouse button
#define Mb_middle    3   // Middle mouse button

* End of AGI Mouse 1.0 defines -- Brian Provinciano 

Games that use AGI Mouse

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