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== Related Links ==
== Related Links ==
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Gennadi Tahab Autot: Mission Pack 1 - Kuressaare
Project Status: Complete
Release Date: 2006
Author(s): Mart Tasa
Language: English
Website: http://www.hot.ee/g/gtak/

About the Game

Please note that this game is still in project!

Gennadi Tahab Autot (GTA from now on) tells the story of a man in his twenties who struggles for justice and revenge on a local pimp, Gennadiy.

The story itself begins long before Mikk, the main character, was even born - his father, Paul, got unemployed and being desperate he accepted the job that Gennadiy offered him. Being sucked more and more into an underground life, Paul finally had enough and tried to get out. But Gennadiy got a hint and whacked him.

But there was still something good besides the bad: Paul had an affair with one of his co-workers, a beautiful prostitute named Sandy. Sandy got pregnant and six months after Paul's death she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Sandy, being unable to raise a child on her own, gave the baby away.

After twelve years in an orphanage Mikk was adopted by Harri, who said he's a friend of Mikk's parents. He also said that Mikk was in danger - Gennadiy knew about him, and he took Mikk to his sister, who lived in another town.

Another ten years pass and Mikk hungers for revenge, so he drives back to settle things once and for all.

Characters: In order of Appearance

  • Mikk-main character
  • Harri-childhood friend of your father, owns a weapon shop
  • Benny-childhood friend of your father, owner of a liquer store
  • Juri-Gennadiy's employee
  • Little Ivan-Gennadiy's main bodyguard
  • Gennadiy-owner of the Red Rose brothel
  • Lucy-Harri's cousin and your girlfriend
  • Urmas-Gennadiy's driver
  • Vassily-Gennadiy's son
  • Emma-"Red Rose" prostitute
  • Judy-"Red Rose" prostitute

Percent completed: 70%

Estimated release date: 2006


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