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== Versions ==
== Versions ==

* ver [http://winagi.com/ 2.09] - Released by [[Andrew Korson]]
* ver [http://winagi.com/ 2.09] - Released by [[AGIWiki/Andrew Korson|Andrew Korson]]
* ver 2.06
* ver 2.06

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NAGI, the New-Adventure-Game-Interpreter, is a clone of the original AGI Interpreter. It was written by Nick Sonneveld and originally released in 2002(???).

From the NAGI Website:

NAGI was created by disassembling the original AGI executable and writing equivalent C code that would run under SDL which is a free generic library for low-level access to graphics and audio. It can read both v2 and v3 game data for the PC.

I started working on this (disassembling and learning stuff) around November 1999. I didn't really do much work on it until the start of 2001 when I finished the picture rendering code. So I started with a program that draws agi pics to this... I actually got the initial idea from the guy who recreated an old game called Digger . He did the same thing by disassembling the original game and recoding it all in C.


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