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Bitmap vectorizing tool
Bitmap vectorizing tool v1.5 beta
Developer(s): Erik Agsjö
Stable release: 1.4
Preview release: 1.5 beta
Operating System: MS-DOS
Available in: English
Type: Picture software
Website: (

Converting two pcx-format images into an AGI-picture.
Result of the conversion with a slider in the bottom to see history of the conversion process.

Author: Erik Agsjö

Noptec Vector is an AGI bitmap vectorizing tool. It is used to create background picture resources for the Sierra AGI interpreter. The program reads an image in BMP, PCX, or TGA format, and converts it to 160 x 168 in 16 colors, then writes the result in AGI readable format. It can optionally show the result onscreen.

Note: Bitmap images need to have at least 8-bit colour depth (256 colours) or the vector won't convert.

Release Date:

  • 1.5 Beta, 2003.
  • Original Program, 2000.

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