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Open Mic Night
AGIWiki Open Mic Night 1a.png
Project Status: Abandoned
Release Date: 2003
Author(s): Allen Barrett
Language: English

About the Game

Author: Allen Barrett

Open Mic night was an attempt to create a system similar to DOOM. It involved several (very bad) comedians coming up onstage and telling bad jokes. You had to use the mouse to throw objects such as rotten tomatoes and watermelons at them to gain points. When you gained enough points, you could select the option of "Get them off" or something similar to make a guy enter the club with a baseball bat, hit them across the head and fall in a pile in the corner. Then a new comedian would approach the stage and tell (somewhat) better jokes.

I had to scrap the project when my HDD died and couldn't recover the game. Remember what Al Lowe said: "Save early - Save often!"

Estimated release date: Abandoned



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