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An out of memory error or no memory error occurs when a game tries to load too much information into memory.

No memory. Want x have y

This message means that your game is trying to load something that requires x bytes of memory, but your game only has y bytes of memory available. Since the game cannot grant your request to load the resource, it prints this error message and quits.

The original interpreter was written for computers that did not have very much memory, and – perhaps as a method of making sure games could run on those computers – the interpreter was not written to take advantage of extra memory if the computer had it. The end result is that AGI games have a memory limit of roughly 64 kilobytes for game data.

As a game author, if you want your game to run on all interpreters, you must observe this limit, even though modern interpreters such as NAGI and ScummVM do not enforce it. See Managing resources for some tips for avoiding this error and working with the other constraints of AGI.