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Some flags have special meaning to the interpreter:


Name in defines.txt

Name in VB Syntax1 Meaning (when set)
0 ego_on_water EgoOnWater This indicates that egos baseline (the bottom row of pixels) is completely on water (pixels with a priority of 3)
1 ego_hidden EgoIsHidden Ego is completely hidden by something else on screen
2 input_received2 InputEntered Input has been recieved from the player
3 ego_touching_signal_line EgoOnSignalLine All or part of egos baseline (the bottom row of pixels) is touching a signal line (pixels with a priority of 2)
4 input_parsed InputParsed The input recieved from the player has been parsed (the said command has returned true at some point)
5 new_room NewRoomInitialEntry This is the the first cycle in a new room
6 game_restarted GameRestarted This is the first cycle since the game has been restarted
7 script_buffer_blocked ScriptBufferBlocked Prevents the interpreter from writing to the script buffer
8 joystick_sensitivity_set EnableJoystickSensitivity Indicates that v15 specifies the joystick sensitivity
9 sound_on SoundOn The sound is on
10 trace_enabled DebugMode Trace mode is enabled
11 first_logic0_cycle Logic0InitialEntry This is the first time logic 0 has been executed
12 game_restored GameRestored This is the first cycle since a game has been restored
13 inventory_select_enabled InventorySelectEnabled The player is allowed to select an inventory item in the inventory screen. When the item has been selected, v25 (selected_inventory_item) is set to the number of the item selected (or 255 if ESC is pressed).
14 menu_enabled EnableMenus The menu is enabled
15 windows_remain MsgWindowRemain Windows created by print and similar commands remain on screen until the close.window command is used. If this flag is not set, the windows remain on screen until the user presses a key or for the time specified by v21 (window_close_time).
16 restart_game command automatically restarts game without asking user
20 for views with > 4 loops, loop is set automatically depending on direction; loop stays fixed if flag not set (this flag only works in version 3.002.102 and above)

1 The VB Syntax is supported by WinAGI but not by AGI Studio

2 In older versions of the AGI Studio Template Game, input_received was misspelled as input_recieved.

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