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Spell Swords
AGIWiki Spell Swords Runes.png
Project Status: In Development
Release Date: 2006
Author(s): Allen Barrett
Language: English

About the Game

Author: Allen Barrett

Deep in the mystical realm of Thader, an evil sorcerer has released his dark and demonic minions from the Underworld and upon the citizens. The sorcerer is Bakar the Black, a corrupted and dark fiend who was banished from the soverign Undergard for performing necromancy and black magic, used to keep himself immortal. For centuries, he has terrorized the people of Thader. He has claimed most of the Southern part of the land, and has converted or destroyed everything that once was true and good there. The land quickly fell into poverty as Bakar's evil forces raided farms and cities and villages for food and wealth. The rulers of the allied countries did all they could to defeat Bakar and restore Thader to its original beauty. However, Bakar was too strong for them. Horatio VI, King of Undergard, had to watch as his country was invaded by demons and the forces of evil. Crime became rife throughout the small towns and backlands. Thugs roamed the roads between towns to rob innocent people. Unrest was increasing all the time. Guerilla forces and mercenaries from all over Thader joined King Horatio’s soldiers, but sometimes they overstepped their boundaries and raided innocent villages. Horatio was about to give up until the leaders of the Great Guilds pleaded to the Thadarian Alliance to let them contribute. Horatio and the other leaders allowed this. They let the Guilds take their champions of fighting and magic and join them together. They formed the Great Guild of SpellSwords.

Estimated release date:: Sometime in 2006. I'm not releasing any demos.

What is does feature?

It features most of the features that were going to be featured in Wizaro

  • Rune-based spell system
  • Ultima-style character creation
  • Final Fantasy 7 style fighting system
  • Elder Scrolls: Arena-style world map

What is the game inspired by?

Lots of things, like Final Fantasy, Discworld, Simon the Sorceror, Monkey Island, Ultima Underworld, Neverwinter Nights, Arx Fatalis, Quest for Glory and just about every Sierra adventure game. Also, I just want to see if I can do it.

Oh yeah, Peasant's Quest by Videlectrix. That almost made me wet my pants laughing.


The spell system. You move the curser over the runes and select three to form a spell.

Walkthroughs / Hints

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