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Visual AGI
Developer(s): Joakim Möller, Gustaf Wennerholm
Stable release: Picture editor, 1.0.1047, IDE Unknown, vAGI, vAGInet
Preview release: Sound editor, BETA 8, (AGIDev)
Operating System: Windows
Available in: English
Type: IDE
Website: (

Around 2002 appeared the project to create new AGI suite in C#, advanced by releasing separate components, yet it was never completed but the source code and two components, picture and sound editor are available for download.

Extract from Visual AGI's homepage:

Visual AGI is a project started by Joakim Möller and Gustaf Wennerholm. Our goal is to provide an integrated development environment for creating games for the Sierra AGI interpreter. It will be written for the .NET framework in C# as a project to learn .NET.

Sound editor

Tracker-stylish composing software Visual AGI Sound Editor is a sound editor that allows you open, edit, and play SND files. It allows one to edit three voice tracks and one noise track with similar approach like in Fast Tracker.

Yet the sound editor's development halted during beta and therefore it doesn't properly emulate the IBM PCjr 3 Voice or Tandy 3 Voice chips. However, a partially accurate tone is generated through your Windows sound device. Originally, should the sound editor had been finished, it would've been fully introduced into the complete Visual AGI studio.

Visual AGI Sound Editor uses a custom audio format called VAS (Visual AGI Sound File). It uses an XML-like format for ease of editing. However, it can import Sierra SND files using the import feature. It can also export VAS files into Sierra SND format and General MIDI.

Visual AGI Sound Editor BETA 8

Picture editor

Offering ability to draw and edit both visual and priority-pictures, Visual AGI Picture Editor is one of the few Windows-picture editors.

  • As interesting feature, Visual AGI Picture Editor can optimize pictures, even if the gain is only byte, preliminary testing has shown approximately 10% - 28,5% reduces in size with AGI-pictures produced by different methods, Sierra's games, Noptec Vector.
    • NOTE: Backup of the original picture before optimization should be kept, since there's a chance that optimized picture will be faulty and can't be imported into the game project.
Visual AGI Picture Editor

View editor

View editor was being developed but never released.