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The WORDS.TOK file is a game-specific file that contains a list of the words that an AGI game recognizes. Each word in the file is a part of a word group, and each word in a word group is considered a synonym for every other word in that same group.

For example, if the words "look" and "examine" are both part of word group 20, then the AGI game will consider both of those words to mean the same thing. This organization allows an extensive list of words to be recognized by the game without the logic programmer having to worry about cluttering the code with each possible synonym.

There are three special word groups:

  • group 0 contains words that are ignored – typically this will be words such as "at" and "the", that don't add much to the meaning of the entered command. You should not use the words in word group 0 in a said command.
  • group 1 is the "anyword" word group. When the "anyword" word group is used in a said command, the AGI game considers all words to be synonyms for it.
  • group 9999 is the "rol" (rest-of-line) word group. When this word group is used in a said command, AGI ignores the rest of the input line and considers it a match no matter what the player types (as long as the word can be found in WORDS.TOK).