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== Example ==
== Example ==
<source lang="cpp">
<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">
//typical error handler
//typical error handler

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Control Flow Commands

The call command executes a logic script.


call(byt A);


The logic with resource number A is executed one time. If it is not loaded before being called, it is loaded, then executed, then unloaded after returning.

A script entry is not made for logics that are loaded/unloaded in support of the call.v command.

If a logic is likely to be called more than once or twice, it is better to load it using the load.logics command. This avoids having the interpreter continually load and unload the same logic over and over.


//typical error handler
if (error_code > 0) {

Technical Information

Required interpreter version Available in all AGI versions
Bytecode value 22 (0x16 hex)

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