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Test commands

This article refers controller-command. For information about Controllers as part of an AGI game, see Controller.

The controller command returns TRUE if a menu item or key assigned to the controller has been selected or pressed during the current cycle.


controller(ctl cA)


Test commands are only valid in an if statement.
This statement can be combined with the NOT operator (!) to test for a controller NOT being selected.
The interpreter clears all controllers at the beginning of each cycle.
If more than one menu or keyboard entry is assigned to the controller, it does not matter which one is selected/pressed. All of them will cause the controller command to return TRUE.


//build a simple menu structure"Info");"About   ", c0);"Help    ", c1);"File");"Save Game      <F5>", c2);"Restore Game   <F7>", c3);"-------------------", c20);"Restart Game   <F9>", c4);"-------------------", c20);"Quit        <Alt Z>", c5);
//disable the separators

//submit menu to agi

//create keyboard shortcuts
set.key(0, 63, c2); // 'F5'
set.key(0, 65, c3); // 'F7'
set.key(0, 67, c4); // 'F9'
set.key(26, 0, c5); // 'Alt-Z'

//test for menu or keyboard selections
if (controller(c2) {
  //save game;
if (controller(c3) {
  //restore game

Technical Information

Required interpreter version Available in all AGI versions
Bytecode value 12 (0x0C hex)

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