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  v100 = 203;
  v100 = 203;

== Technical Information ==
== Technical Information ==

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Object and View Commands

The discard.view.v command removes a view resource from memory. There is an direct version of this command called discard.view.


discard.view.v(var viewNumber);

View viewNumber is discarded from memory.


Resources must be unloaded in reverse order of the way they were originally loaded, or unexpected results may occur.

Attempting to discard a resource that has not been loaded will generate an error.

Before unloading a view, make certain it is not in use by any active screen objects. If a view is unloaded while still assigned to an object, the interpreter will most likely crash.

AGI adds a script entry to the script stack each time a view resource is unloaded.


For discard.view.v

  • viewNumber: a variable, v0-v255, whose value specifies which view resource to remove from memory

Possible errors


The following example uses discard.view.v to remove view 203 from memory:

<source lang="cpp">

v100 = 203;


Technical Information

Required interpreter version Available in all AGI versions
Bytecode value 153 (0x99 hex)

See also


  • Some of the text in the article is taken from the AGI Studio & WinAGI help files.