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Object and View Commands

The load.view and load.view.v commands load a view resource into memory. A view must be loaded before it can be assigned to any objects or used in any command such as (note: a view does not have to be loaded before the show.obj command is used).


load.view(number viewNumber);
load.view.v(variable viewNumber);
The view viewNumber is loaded into memory.


For load.view:

   viewNumber: a number, 0-255, specifying the view that should be loaded 

For the indirect version, load.view.v:

   viewNumber: a variable, v0-v255, whose value specifies the view that should be loaded 

Possible errors

  • The view must exist in the game's vol files, or the game will crash with a view not found error.
  • There must be sufficient memory to load the entire view resource into memory, or the game will crash with an out of memory error.
  • If the view resource is already loaded, it is not loaded a second time, nor is the script buffer affected. If the view is discarded and then loaded again, it will of course be loaded a second time; however, this adds to the script buffer.


//The following code loads VIEW.025 into memory using load.view:
//The following code uses the indirect command load.view.v to do the same thing:
v195 = 25;



Some of the content of this page was taken from the AGI Studio & WinAGI help files.