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FreeSCI has a feature whereby a different 16-color palette can be assigned to a specific SCI resource. Screenshots demonstrating this feature in Space Quest 3 are on the FreeSCI web page.

I have a bounty of $50 (US or EUR, whichever is preferred) to implement this feature in ScummVM:

  • must allow for a custom set of 16-colors to be specified for each resource
    • AGI's equivelant of views (animated cel/loops)
    • AGI's equivelant of pics (line-drawn background images)
  • allow for configuration in redistributable text files
  • have predefined macros for EGA_PALETTE and AMIGAISH_PALETTE
  • have a syntax that is something like

view(0) = [0, 110, 200, 94, 34, 89, 231, 56, 71, 12, 42, 67, 22, 133, 161, 252]

  • MUST valgrind cleanly

For an additional $25:

  • bonus points for allowing the creation of new named macros in the file to prevent duplication
  • have a checkbox in the config to automatically load custom palettes if available

For an additional $100:

  • cover all code changes with unit tests that can be run from the commandline