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List of bugs that occures in the original versions.

Simon the Sorcerer 1

  • Long strings in subtitles of Spanish version often causes crashes
  • A slight crackle at end of sound effects or speech sometimes
  • The Wizard Portrait and Exit object descriptions are switched in the first room of the French version.
  • French version sometimes caused game to crash
  • French version has some strings which are too long and wrap around screen*
  • French version causes several glitches when Simon talks to Golum about stew*
  • After talking to a person, looking at an item in area will sometimes make Simon say a response from that conversation

ie Looking at Geezer's items and then looking at statue.

  • Looking at right side of Bucket in the garden of Sordid Tower causes graphic glitch and two wait timeouts
  • When looking at middle of Puddle in garden of Sordid's Tower, Simon's mouth moves but no subtitles are shown
  • If the game is saved in the castle, while the paper is under door, the paper will be lost when the game is reloaded.

Features changed or removed in Simon the Sorcerer 1 (Windows version)

  • Part of the introduction was changed, Simon's room and Simon climbing ladder were moved to upper half of screen
  • Verb names were no longer shown in the console when a verb was selected.

Simon the Sorcerer 2

  • Long strings in subtitles of the French version often causes crashes
  • Slight crackle at end of sound effects or speech sometimes
  • Multi-track music files will stop playing if load/save dialog is left open
  • Animation in background often continues when load/save dialog is open, so the red highlight of save game name would often get cut off
  • Enabling or disabling background sound effects doesn't take effect until location is changed.
  • Two Simon's are shown, if Simon is talking when the Secretary in Loan Office offers help.
  • Briefly freezes when finding strange kid on the Island when using subtitles and F3 subtitle speed, just after Simon says 'It's HIM again'.
  • Examining the tattoo leaflet outside McSwamplings, while the Swampling mascot is talking, will sometimes cause the game to completely lock up.
  • The Windows version (With subtitles enabled) briefly freezes when Pirate Captain is talking to Mate, at point where Pirate Captain asks if his idea is alright with the Mate, when Simon tries to escape.
  • The Windows verison briefly freezes after Simon talks to sleeping people in the Cafe on Island twice.