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Simon the Sorcerer 1

  • Add support for decoding graphics in the Amiga verisons
  • Add support for Protracker MOD format, used for music in Amiga versions.
  • Improve support for GMF music format used in DOS versions.
  • Fix chest disappearing in Swampling's house in DOS versions.

Simon the Sorcerer 2

  • Add support for language files used by Amiga and Macintosh verisons.
  • Add support for music fade out in vc62_fastFadeOut() when changing locations.
  • Fix missing trails during lion ride to Goblin Camp in non-English versions.

Feeble Files

  • Add support for horizontal and vertical scrolling of locations.
  • Add support for scaling of Feeble.
  • Add support for Oracle interface.
  • Many more differences...