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|usedBy=Too many to list
|usedBy=Too many to list
|dateAdded=February 7, 2021

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Engine developer dreammaster
Companies that used it Various
Games that use it Too many to list
Date added to ScummVM 2021-02-07
First release containing it None


  • Experimental work in progress. Various games completable.


  • Save/load code.
  • Implement missing interaction commands.
  • Fix dialog/message display (including the overlay code).
  • Implement sprite scaling.
  • Implement audio volume code.
  • Finish GUI code.
  • Dirty rectangling (maybe look at somaen's ticket idea?).
  • Implement old-style pathfinder.
  • Implement all the script functions.
  • Deal with the rest of the FIXMEs.

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