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==Games supported==
==Games supported==
* Amazon: Guardians of Eden
* [[Amazon: Guardians of Eden]]
==Games using this engine==
==Other games using this engine==
* Countdown
* Countdown
* Martian Memorandum
* [[Martian Memorandum]]
* Noctropolis
* [[Noctropolis]]
* Synnergist
* [[Synnergist]]
* Under a Killing Moon
* Under a Killing Moon

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Engine developer dreammaster, strangerke, johndoe
Companies that used it Access Software,
Flashpoint Productions,
Vicarious Visions
Games that use it Martian Memorandum,
Amazon: Guardians of Eden,
Date added to ScummVM 2014-12-19
First release containing it None

External Links

The Access engine was used by by Access Software for several of their earlier games, as well as sold on for use in several other games from other companies.

Games supported

Other games using this engine


  • Add a player for the music format used by AGoE demo
  • Implement proper sound queueing
  • Add more titles