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This is a quick-start guide for the Android Market version of ScummVM.

Getting started

You can download ScummVM from the Android Market. ScummVM does not come with any games. Read the section 'Getting the games' below for information on how to get them.

You must install the ScummVM application, copy the game data files for the game you want to play onto your phone, and install the ScummVM plugin which supports that game. We have a list of supported games together with the plugins they need (in the 'engine' column).

Getting the games

ScummVM supports a variety of classic adventure games. You can find information about compatible games on our website.

You can download some free games from our website, such as the popular adventure games 'Beneath a Steel Sky' (which you need ScummVM and the ScummVM plugin 'sky' to play) and 'Flight of the Amazon Queen' (which you need ScummVM and the ScummVM plugin 'queen' to play).

You can buy other supported adventure games from various places, for example See our page on where to get the games for more details.

Note that asking for, offering or asking for help with illegally downloaded copies of games will not be tolerated. Please buy a copy of the games you want to play.

Input Controls


The touchscreen can be used in two modes: direct mode and touchpad mode. The default mode is touchpad mode.

When in direct mode, the mouse cursor moves to the touched point on screen. In touchpad mode, the mouse cursor is independent of the touched point, it is moved relative to its current position - like on a touchpad.

The Android version of ScummVM doesn't have an input configuration dialog yet, but as a temporary workaround, touchpad mode can be toggled with the "Mixed AdLib/MIDI mode" checkbox on the MIDI tab in ScummVM's main options dialog. Restart ScummVM after changing it.

Tap + movement: Mouse movement
Tap without movement: Left mouse button click
Tap held for >0.5s without movement: Right mouse button click
Tap held for >1s without movement: Middle mouse button click
Double Tap + movement: Drag and drop

On devices supporting multitouch:

Hold down one finger, tap with second: Right mouse button click
Hold down two fingers, tap with third: Middle mouse button click

5-Way navigation control / DPAD

DPAD up/down/left/right: Mouse movement
DPAD center: Left mouse button


Movement: Mouse movement
Click: Left mouse button

System keys

Back button: Escape
Menu button: ScummVM menu
Menu button held for 0.5s: Toggle virtual keyboard
Camera or Search button: Right mouse button click

Graphical settings

The 'Fullscreen' settting controls whether your games are stretched to cover the whole screen, or whether their aspect ratio is preserved.

The 'Graphics Mode' can be set to 'Linear filtering' if you'd like smoother scaled graphics.

More information

There is an (incomplete) User Manual available on this wiki.

Saved games are stored in the 'ScummVM' directory on your SD card, if one is available. If an SD card isn't available, then saves will be written to the internal applcation data. Android deletes all those files when you uninstall ScummVM! Please make a copy before you do so, if you want to keep your games.

Finally, you can donate to the ScummVM project via

Visit the ScummVM website if you have any more questions, or ask on our Android ScummVM forums.