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developer=[[User:madmoose|madmoose]], [[User:peterkohaut|peterkohaut]], [[User:sev|sev]]|
developer=[[User:madmoose|madmoose]], [[User:peterkohaut|peterkohaut]], [[User:sev|sev]], [[User:Praetorian|praetorian]]|
companies=[[Westwood Studios]]|
companies=[[Westwood Studios]]|
usedBy=[[Blade Runner]]|
usedBy=[[Blade Runner]]|

Latest revision as of 01:47, 8 April 2020

Engine developer madmoose, peterkohaut, sev, praetorian
Companies that used it Westwood Studios
Games that use it Blade Runner
Date added to ScummVM 2016-10-13
First release containing it 2.1.0


  • Complete.
  • Has been included in ScummVM 2.1.0 release.

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