Carol Reed 15: Geospots

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A Carol Reed Mystery
No Screenshot Available
First release 2020
Also known as Carol Reed 15
Developed by MDNA Games
Published by MDNA Games
Distributed by MDNA Games
Platforms Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Wintermute
Support Not supported. A WIP
engine is available in
our Git repository.
Available for

Geospots: A Carol Reed Mystery is the fifteenth game in the Carol Reed series of mystery adventure games. Violent crime has increased, but there’s no longer a need for Carol's deep-diving style of detection. A close friend, Stina, aware that Carol is twiddling her thumbs, asksher to complete a geocache challenge before the annual Geothon. Carol completed the geocache challenge. However, Kevo Walthin, the host of the Geothon, has disappeared.