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== Resources ==
== Resources ==
* [[Cine_TODO]]: TODO Page
* [[Cine/TODO|Cine TODO]]: TODO Page


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  • FW is completable (albeit currently only if the copy protection is activated), OS is not.
  • There are a couple of known glitches in FW:
    • Sprites are often not masked properly.
    • In some places, restoring a savegame does not properly restore all the graphics. The first example of this is the office when the map is shown.
      • This may be related to the missing implementation of createVar9Element() and related functions.
    • When opening the secret passage early in the game, the "hero" sprite is drawn in the upper left corner.
      • It seems to be related to the scripted appearence of object 70 through o1_loadMask0(), but I don't know what is going wrong to make it be drawn like that.
    • Menu colors are wrong during the intro. Possibly in other places as well.
    • The sound effect of the moving scaffolding in the first room is missing.
  • The INVENTORY command is not implemented.
  • The savegame user interface is incomplete. Savegames cannot be named.
  • OS exists in 2 version: a low-color (atari) and a hi-color (PC).
  • CinE has only been tested with the PC versions.
  • There is a hack in CinE to bypass both FW and OS protection screens. FW bypass is made by booting the auto00 inlined in the code, OS is bypassed by forcing a specific value in the engine (this is the actual methode used to restart the game while not returning to the protection screen)
  • Cruise for a corpse is not supported by cinE, but by cruisE, an independent engine
  • Savegames are not compatible with the original PC version.
  • Only the Adlib music is used so far, but a MT-32 track is available in the resources