Cloak of Darkness

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Cloak of Darkness
No Screenshot Available
First release 1999
Also known as N/A
Developed by Roger Firth
Published by Roger Firth
Distributed by Roger Firth
Platforms DOS
Resolution (unknown)
Engine AGI, Alan2, Alan3, ADRIFT,
Hugo, JACL, Quest, Scott,
TADS, Z-machine
Support Not yet
Available for
Available for free from
developer's website

Cloak of Darkness is a text adventure by Roger Firth. In the game, an adventurer arrives at the foyer of an elegant opera house.

It was written in Inform 6 and was designed to be tiny in order for it to be easy to port to other interactive fiction authoring systems.

It was converted to ADRIFT by Campbell Wild.

It was converted to AGI, although the author is unknown.

It was converted to Alan2 by Stephen Griffiths and Alan3 by Thomas Nilsson.

It was converted to Hugo by John Menichelli, with additional material by Kent Tessman.

It was converted to JACL by Stuart Allen.

It was converted to Quest by Alex Warren.

It was converted to Scottfree by Sam Trenholme.

It was converted to TADS by Dan Shiovitz, with additional material by Todd Nathan.

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