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=== Compiling ScummVM ===
=== Compiling ScummVM ===

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Compiling ScummVM

ScummVM is written in C++ and has been ported to several different Platforms. Compilation of ScummVM is a bit different for each platform, so instructions have been included for the official platforms that ScummVM can be compiled for.

Platform Compiling instructions
Windows Visual Studio (MSVC), MinGW and Dev-C++ instructions
Linux GCC
AmigaOS4 AmigaOS4
Windows CE/Mobile Windows CE instructions
Sega Dreamcast Dreamcast instructions
Sony PlayStation Portable PlayStation Portable instructions
Sony PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 instructions
Sony PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 instructions
Mac OS X Mac OS X instructions (see also Mac OS X Crosscompiling and Mac OS X 10.2.8 instructions)
Apple iPhone iPhone instructions
Nintendo DS Nintendo DS instructions
Symbian Symbian instructions
Atari/FreeMiNT Atari/FreeMiNT
BeOS/ZETA/Haiku BeOS/ZETA/Haiku instructions
Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Wii and Gamecube instructions
Google Android Android instructions
HP webOS WebOS instructions
Maemo Maemo instructions
Bada/Tizen Bada/Tizen instructions

If you have instructions for compiling a port of ScummVM that is not mentioned here, feel free to contact us!