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|Platform||Compiling instructions
|Platform||Compiling instructions
|[http://www.microsoft.com Windows]          || [[Compiling ScummVM/Visual Studio|Visual Studio (MSVC)]], [[Compiling_ScummVM/MinGW|MinGW]] instructions. (See also unofficial [[Compiling_ScummVM/MinGW-w64|MinGW-w64]] instructions.)
|[http://www.microsoft.com Windows]          || [[Compiling ScummVM/Visual Studio|Visual Studio (MSVC)]], [[Compiling_ScummVM/MinGW|MinGW]] instructions. (See also unofficial [[Compiling_ScummVM/MinGW-w64|MSYS2/MinGW-w64]] instructions.)
|[http://www.linux.org Linux]        || [[Compiling ScummVM/GCC|GCC]] instructions
|[http://www.linux.org Linux]        || [[Compiling ScummVM/GCC|GCC]] instructions

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Compiling ScummVM

ScummVM is written in C++ and has been ported to several different Platforms. Compilation of ScummVM is a bit different for each platform, so instructions have been included for the official platforms that ScummVM can be compiled for.

Platform Compiling instructions
Windows Visual Studio (MSVC), MinGW instructions. (See also unofficial MSYS2/MinGW-w64 instructions.)
Linux GCC instructions
AmigaOS4 AmigaOS4 instructions
Windows CE/Mobile Windows CE instructions
Sega Dreamcast Dreamcast instructions
Sony PlayStation Portable PlayStation Portable instructions
Sony PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 instructions
Sony PlayStation 3 PlayStation 3 instructions
macOS macOS instructions (see also Mac OS X Crosscompiling and Mac OS X 10.2.8 instructions)
Apple iPhone iPhone instructions
Nintendo DS Nintendo DS instructions
Symbian Symbian instructions
Atari/FreeMiNT Atari/FreeMiNT
BeOS/ZETA/Haiku BeOS/ZETA/Haiku instructions
Nintendo Wii and Gamecube Wii and Gamecube instructions
Google Android Android instructions, Android-SDL instructions
HP webOS WebOS instructions
Maemo Maemo instructions
Bada/Tizen Bada/Tizen instructions
RaspberryPi Raspberry Pi instructions

If you have instructions for compiling a port of ScummVM that is not mentioned here, feel free to contact us!