Compiling ScummVM/AmigaOS4

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Compiling ScummVM for AmigaOS4

For building ScummVM on AmigaOS4, use the following build instructions:


  • Download and install AmigaOS4 SDK from Hyperion-Entertainment.
  • Download and install SDL(1/2) (where SDL2 should always be preferred) SDK from GitHub.
  • You may also need libvorbisfile, libvorbis, libFLAC, libogg, libmad, libtheoradec, libfaad, libmpeg2, liba52, libfreetype, libGL and/or libogles2. They can be retrieved from


Run the configure script.

If no errors come up, you should be ready to compile ScummvM.

  • type
sh ./configure

in the directory with the ScummVM source files.

  • or run
sh ./configure --help

for a list of optional features (e.g. additional, not yet enabled engines).

If you are building ScummVM on a system with low main memory (for example, lower than 256MB), you might run out of memory during linking. If you use GNU ld for compiling you can try exporting LDFLAGS="-Wl,--no-keep-memory" before running configure. This tells GNU ld to optimize for memory usage.


  • type
gmake clean

in the directory ScummVM was configured and then


Cross-compiling with Cygwin

  • Make sure that you have SDL(1/2) SDK installed (where SDL2 should always be preferred).
  • You may also need libogg, libvorbis, libvorbisfile, zlib, libmad.
  • Type
./configure --host=ppc-amigaos

If you get an error about sdl-config, use --with-sdl-prefix parameter to set the path.

  • type


Copy the exe wherever you want (an intitial - engine-free - .ini file will be created on the first run).


Double-click the "ScummVM" icon to start the program.