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1. You need linux-console

2. Install Android sdk&ndk (unpack it into ~/android directory)

to run android environment you can create simple script


export PATH=~/android/android-ndk-r12b:$PATH

export PATH=~/android/android-sdk-linux/tools:$PATH

export PATH=~/android/android-sdk-linux/build-tools/24.0.2:$PATH

run this script via console


Now via Android SDK Manager (for call sdk manager via console type android). You need download latest version: Android SDK Tools

Android SDK Platform-tools

Android SDL Build tools

Android 6.0 (API 23)

+SDK Platform (API 23)

3. Install pelya's libSDL-environment

cd ~ git clone git:// androidsdl

4. download scummvm sources

cd ~ git clone

5. replace pelya's scummvm config to config from scummvm dists

cd ~/androidsdl/project/jni/application rm -fr scummvm ln -s ~/scummvm/dists/androidsdl/scummvm scummvm

6. You have to replace one line in file AndroidAppSettings.cfg ( ~/androidsdl/project/jni/application/scummvm)

AppVersionCode=@ANDROID_VERSIONCODE@ to AppVersionCode=16

7. Now you can build project (apk)

cd ~/androidsdl ./ scummvm